No. 30 Galle - Five-star service


One of the greatest advantages of staying in a villa is the personalised service provided by dedicated staff. No. 39 Galle Fort’s staff will do their utmost to please with their warm and friendly Sri Lankan hospitality.

Villa management team

Although not always on site, the villa management team is also based in the fort and is on call throughout your stay. Responsible for the overall operation of the house, and for coordinating the staff and property, the management team will meet you on arrival and book local tours and excursions on your behalf.


No.39's friendly cook and full-time housekeeper is in charge of the market shopping and the preparation of your daily breakfast as well as all other meals as required.


No. 39’s houseboy is responsible for daily domestic duties and jobs around the house.  Any laundry service comes with a small additional price.

No. 39 Galle Fort - Dinner by the garden
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